FECDB Youth Vision

FECDB Youth Ministry:
Learning what it means to live out the Gospel of God, as the family of God, to the glory of God.

This is a student ministry mainly for, but not restricted to the Diamond Bar/Walnut/Rowland Heights area. We seek to cultivate disciples of Jesus among middle school and high school students (6th-12th grade).

The vision of FECDB Youth Ministry is to develop students into disciples of Jesus, whose foundation is built on the good news (“gospel”) of Jesus Christ. It is our conviction that the gospel doesn’t just “save” us at one moment and time but continually saves us from ourselves and unto Christ.

Our hope and prayer is that this Jesus-bought access to relationship with God, and all the joy and life that comes from knowing Him would so compel and stir our students that they can’t but see the world through this lens of hope and redemption. In so doing, we hope that our students would develop an understanding and compassion for a fallen and hurting world, and the courage and expectation that through them, their schools and communities might be transformed and renewed by the message of the cross that transformed and renewed them. It’s a mouthful I know, but this is our vision, hope, and prayer. We believe that the best way to glorify God is to love Him and enjoy Him and that in doing so, we’ll find our utmost life and joy too. In other words, God looks really good when we enjoy Him for all that He is. And we can’t learn to love and enjoy God without centering on how He specifically chose to most clearly reveal Himself, through the message of the gospel, found in the person and work of Jesus. This is our hope for FECDB youth … we believe that in raising disciples of Jesus from the inside, they’ll in turn bless outward.

We exist to cultivate followers of Jesus who love His Gospel, His Church, His Mission, and His Glory.


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