Hi FECDB Youth parents! This page will be a resource specifically for YOU. On this page, I’ll update you on events coming up and how you can get involved, as well as post what’s on my heart for your kids and how we can better work together in raising disciples of Jesus together.

FECDB Youth Email v.3/11/16

Hey FECDB Youth Family,

Just wanted to say “Hi!” and let you know of the coming calendar events. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit that “reply” button!

Upcoming Calendar Events:
3/25 – Good Friday Bonfire
3/29 – Christians on Campus Praise Night @FECDB Main Sanctuary
4/1 – Youth Group Outing
8/1-8/6 – City Impact Mission Trip

Good Friday Bonfire
What: The English adult and youth will gather around for a campfire at Butterfield Park for a time of intimate worship, reflection, and celebration of the cross of Jesus.
When: 3/25 (Friday), 6:45pm-8:45pm
Where: Butterfield Park
Address: 19370 Camino Arroyo, Walnut CA 91789
Why: For the s’mores of course! Kidding. But seriously, gathering to intentionally remember the cross of Jesus is in line with what Jesus commanded us to do regularly so that we would have our focus and attention on what’s of first importance.

Christians on Campus Praise Night
What: A night of praise and prayer led by “Christians on Campus” high school club groups and local churches in our area. The theme of the night will be: “God is greater than our ups and downs.”
When: 3/29, Tuesday (during Spring Break), 6pm
Where: FECDB Main Sanctuary
Why: There’s something powerful/encouraging about gathering Christians from various schools and churches to praise the same Jesus. At the previous praise night, there were also a good number of people who don’t know Jesus yet, so we’re hoping that they’d be able to hear the gospel through song and word as well.

City Impact Mission Trip
What: A collective mission to serving City Impact in their mission in reaching the spiritual and physical needs of the inner city of San Francisco. We’ll be partnering with City Impact’s leaders and main ministries, learning the needs of the Tenderloin community, doing our best to build relationships with the locals there, and build up City Impact’s existing ministry.
When: August 1-6 (Monday-Saturday)
Where: The Tenderloin district of San Francisco, 230 Jones St. San Francisco, CA, 94102
Why: We believe that participating in mission trips that help, serve, and encourage existing long-term ministries is the best and most healthy way to do them. City Impact is a great ministry that blends a high view of the Bible, a well-learned missional strategy to reach the needs of its surrounding community, an organic/looser feeling of letting the Holy Spirit direct their choices, and a healthy way to help other local churches from all over the world to help them in their existing ministry. In the process of partnering with them, we’ve found our own lives challenged, our perspective of God’s mission widened, and for some of us, a deeper love for Jesus in general. This will be our second year participating in City Impact and we encourage anyone to join us!
Cost: ~$500, not factoring in fundraising. (For your reference, last year we raised a significant amount of money to cut the cost of the trip down.)

Well that’s all folks!

Because of Christ,

-Jon Lau


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