Hi FECDB Youth parents! This page will be a resource specifically for YOU. On this page, I’ll update you on when the next parent meeting is, what we’ll be discussing, and how you can get involved. I’ll also be looking to share more resources on this page as well to further discussion and thought on how to better disciple our youth.

Resources for Reference:

-“Busy All the Time: Over-scheduled Children and the Freedom of the Gospel”

Notable Quote: “In the case of over-scheduling, parents perceive a standard to which they and their children must meet. A child must experience success in academics, athletics, or the arts. For the child, admittance to the most prestigious, impressive college possible represents the standard. For the parents, they are expected to invest as much energy, time, and money as necessary to lead their child to optimal performance. The insane slate of activity constitutes the means that both parents and children exert in order to meet this standard” … “Chris has set his followers free from [such] social mandates.”


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