Nevermind the menacing look above. We promise Jon’s resting face is not reflective of how he or the leaders feel about the youth. They love them very much :). But just so you know a little bit about our leaders …

Jon Lau


Jon’s not ALWAYS this smiley but he’s super happy you’re checking out the website right now :). Jon oversees the high school and middle school students in the English youth ministry and has been doing so since Fall of 2013. He was proudly born and raised in Houston, Texas (Don’t ask him about the hopes for his Houston Rockets), but was introduced to FEC Diamond Bar through his mentor and our English Zone Pastor, Ben Pun, who was Jon’s youth pastor in Houston. Currently Jon is attending Talbot School of Theology and is finishing up his Masters of Divinity to be further trained to be a Pastor. Besides being a major basketball fanatic and enjoying Boba Milk Tea too much at times, Jon really has a passion for seeing youth and college students have their eyes opened and hearts transformed by the good news of the glory of God in the FACE of Jesus Christ.

Eric & Emmeline Qin 


As you can probably tell from the pictures, these two like each other. They liked each other so much that they got married (hence they get one section for their name and not two haha) and have been serving generations of high school boys and girls together at FEC-Diamond Bar for a long, long time. You can ask them their “story” later, but basically it’s #drama. Kidding. But it’s definitely a testament to God and His grace :p, and has given them much wisdom in regards to dating in high school and college. In addition to offering much wisdom through reminiscing of all their stories of their journey (ask about Qintin), both have been faithfully serving through leadership, mentoring, praise team, tons of small groups/bible studies, and giving up huge amounts of time for the ministry. Essentially, they both have a huge heart for people,  in particular with equipping the next generation in realizing/unleashing their identity in Christ. It also must be noted that back in his prime, Eric “aZianBoyQin” was the #1 “Enchanter” for the game “World of Warcraft” in the entire NA server, and is currently a “Rank 2” for Hearthstone. Also Emmeline, who just told me she is “her own person,” is a medical student (and a great one at that) who loves to use her Panini press and slow cooker to take care of hungry youth and leaders :).

Trisha Chan


Trisha Chan, aka “I’ll take the 101 to the 10 to the 405 for you” Valentines Card creator, is much more than an artist that does cool calligraphy on Instagram (#youthgroupfangirls #prettywriting #illstopnow). Trisha’s been a great leader, mentor, friend, and older sister to our youth group and always challenges us to know the “why” behind what we do at church, and life in general. Though she was nervous about joining leadership for our youth ministry initially, her desire for youth to really meet and know Jesus, and her transparency in the process, is pretty evident. Also, she has a HUGE affinity towards babies and children’s ministry. She probably needs to tone that down a tad :). Let her know if you love country music (particularly Little Big Town) by the way. She’s been looking for more fans to go to a concert with. She also loves to play “Just Dance” and change mainstream songs into worship lyrics with Emmeline … Ask them to sing you “Lead me to 85.”


Chenglin Lee


The first thought you may have when meeting Chenglin is “wow, this guy has too much swag … almost.” But don’t be intimidated. Once you get past the cool way he walks and talks, you’ll realize Chenglin is just like you and me (and with a contagious laugh). Chenglin has many passions, most notably regarding social justice, Kawhi Leonard, and how the Gospel relates to race. He has also begun to love being an influence and mentor for youth in thinking and living deeply, challenging all of us to not think about our own immediate needs, but the needs for all peoples. And he does it with a certain “flair” that helps people be comfortable with being themselves. Also … If you are feeling adventurous, ask him to “freestyle” for you and you WILL leave thinking differently about life haha.

*We’re weird.*

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